June 25th, 2008

writing: plot bunny

A gem found while cleaning my room

From the Axioms we have the Theorems, from which we derive the Rigorous Proof. In this case, the Proof of course is the Bible, which is why all material obtainable from there is placed under "Theorem" and not "Axiom".

Under this is a drawing of a tree. The Axioms are the roots, the Theorem is the main tree, and the Rigorous Proof consists of the branches. I have no idea how old this (unused) napkin is. Alas.

Maybe more of these gems will come.
what: pigtail draco

Wow, these ideas were made of fail.

I don't even know why I kept this piece of paper after all these years. Then again, I guess you could say the same for the napkin. But these ideas are indeed suck-tastic. Ah, to be young again.

Novel Ideas
Road trip! Two enemies are forced to go on vacation together sans killing each other.
Kid cheats on IQ test to get into selective school--watch culture shock!
Animal Farm parody--when kids take over the classroom

Edit 1:53pm: I found another post-it note with plot bunnies. This one's from NaNo 2006. Considering it wasn't half-bad and I'm thinking about editing it, I'm keeping this one.