June 26th, 2008


Pardon the mishmash in this post.

My room is so clean now! There's something about a clean room that's mood-lifting, despite the island of mess in the middle of the floor.

I haven't felt the muse pushing me to write in LJ lately. Strange, as I've been writing in Dr. Nbook like crazy lately. Of course, this could also be because there's just SO MUCH to catch up on that the list is becoming overwhelming and I'll never finish it anyway. Yes. That's it.

I just haven't felt like sitting at the computer for a long period of time lately, despite everything I do on the Internet in the first place and all my writing waiting to be edited that happens to be on a computer. Instead, I've been knitting (I finally knitted a case for my iPod, by the way!) and making paper and reading and cleaning and writing a French paper and going to the park and the library. This lack of attention I've been devoting to the Internet means that communities and comments usually go neglected, the rest of my photos from France haven't been uploaded yet, I have still yet to write about my trip to France in LJ, I've yet to upload the rest of my Project365 pictures to this point (though I've been keeping up), and my other writing has been neglected.

Here, let me give you an idea. This is the first half of my daily routine.

Wake up
Get on computer
Check email/read friends list/chat

Now by this point it's about an hour or two later, and I WANT to do other things quite badly. In fact, I'm itching to get up from my computer chair and just DO, as I've been writing the word as of late. However, I'm usually engrossed in a conversation as well, and I usually want to finish the topic before going because it's inevitably a serious business topic. By the time I've finally torn myself away from the computer it's time to eat again and do whatever before dinner and more doing whatever before more computadora time, washing up, and bed.

And people wonder why I'm hiding behind an away message these days. Half the time I'm usually around and happy to talk; I just don't feel like being bombarded. The other half I'm actually not around (although I try to use an actually-not-around away message if I plan on not being around for an extended period).

Speaking of Dr. Nbook, I began Dr. Nbook 69, Shame On You If You Don't Set It Free. While we're on the topic of Dr. Nbook, let me tell you a story.

Just under ten years ago--7 September 1998, to be exact--Dr. Nbook né Nbook and I met for the first time. It was a glorious experience, too, writing and letting the pen make sweet sweet love to the paper.

Well, now I've upgraded, and if you didn't pay attention to the date, a very important date is coming up.

My ten-year Dr. Nbookversary. This calls for a party. Since the seventh is on a Sunday, this can definitely be arranged.

Let's do it.