June 29th, 2008

mice with clipboards

Oh, those were the days.

I've been going through my high school notes, weeding out what can be recycled and keeping what can be kept. As I still have ALL my high school notes and I'm about to enter my last year of college, it's about time I do this and clear some space. The notes that fall in the latter category are actually of a suprisingly high number. Of course I want to keep all my biology and human anatomy notes--one had to take copious notes in Ms. Bicknell's classes in order to do well on the tests. And of course I want to keep all my math notes, if only for all the humor contained within, even though I'm majoring in the subject and am now very familiar with the subject material in my lower-level high school notes. And so it goes.

I'm going through my physical science notes from my first year of high school. One of our very first labs (if you can call it that) was learning about the properties of matter with Gobstoppers, and step two was to compare the Gobstopper to our pencil or pen. Here's my chart.

1. Both hard
2. You can choke on both of them
3. Both are matter
4. Both inanimate

1. Gobstopper tasty; pencil not (I assume no one in my group sampled the pencil)
2. One is food; the other is not
3. Gobstopper round; pencil not
4.Gobstopper has no lead (We'll ignore the fact that the 'lead' in pencil isn't really lead)

Then we had to list four properties of the Gobstopper. My list said: Yellow, round, tasty, hard

I amuse myself so.
language: it hides our thoughts


Behind on language skills? Have a language you've always wanted to study but never gotten around to? Need that kick in the arse to get started?

Here's one.


For the month of July, you (yes, you!) choose a language or languages and study it each day for a month. You can be a complete newbie to the language or nearly fluent, and you can study however you want. Keep progress logs and let the community know how you're doing.

I'm doing French and Latin. (Yes, I'm afraid Spanish will be dead for awhile.) How about you?