July 5th, 2008

writing: plot bunnies wanted

Seven for Saturday

Today I bring you Seven for Saturday. This may or may not continue, depending on my mood and how much writing I get done. However, I've wanted to do a poll of this nature for awhile, and why not now? I may post the results of the third and sixth questions in a few days, and possibly the first two if there's demand and nothing incriminating in them. You never know. Why not spread the love?

Poll #1218414 Spread the Love

Say something nice about yourself.

Say something nice about me.

Say something nice about someone on my friends list who isn't you or me. Bonus points if you don't know anyone else.

Tell me a secret.

Give me a prompt.

Make up a word. Define it.

Vague yes/no question.

Emphatic yes.
Equally emphatic no.
Noncommittal response.
"If and only if" response.
Non sequitur.