July 26th, 2008

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In which Uncle Pat and I go grocery shopping

I started writing this yesterday but didn't finish. So pretend all the todays are actually yesterdays or Fridays.

Grandmother and I took Uncle Pat grocery shopping today. Boy, was that an experience.

Before I begin, let me introduce you to Uncle Pat. He's Dad's brother, in his early sixties, and has been married and divorced three times. Since divorcing for the third time, he has moved and taken to smoking even more than usual, meaning his house now has the distinct stench of cigarettes. In some order, he gained a lot of weight, had to start using oxygen tanks to breathe, and had to quit work to live on disability, and thanks to this he basically just sits and watches television all day. I haven't completely decided what causes what, but it's a miserable cycle. Because of this, Grandmother usually does his grocery shopping, which consists of him riding in an electric wheelchair at Walmart while she follows with a shopping cart and takes what he wants and puts it in the cart. This does a number on her too, though, and wears her out for a couple of days after the trip.

So today she asked if I'd go with them. She'd sit in the front while we shopped, and I'd walk around the store with Uncle Pat and grab everything for him. This sounded like a plan, though Jeffrey, who had done this before, warned me that it'd be interesting.

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