July 31st, 2008

hitchhiker's guide: doubt and uncertaint

Redesign ahoy?

Is Summer 2008 the summer of major site redesigns? No, really. First last.fm redesigns, and there's wank about it. The design's too flashy for my taste, but now last.fm shows your top 200 artists instead of your top 500. When you have over 60,000 plays, 200 artists just don't cut it anymore. Oh well.

Then there's wank about Facebook's redesign. I haven't seen this, for my life is much better without frequent Facebook logins, even if I do like to make fun of Facebook.

And today, I went to bookmark something on del.icio.us, and I discovered that del.icio.us had completely changed to delicious, complete with a redesign. This could be good, actually. Let me finish bookmarking this link and get back to you.

One minute later: OMG THIS IS AWESOME. I guess not all change is bad.

Also, I have fans on the site. As in, random fans I don't know. It's not exactly weird, considering I bookmark stuff and they can see it. It's more like, "They like me! They really like me!"

Two days!