August 1st, 2008

BatB: Belle adventure

Well, it's been awhile

Wow, I forgot how good my toenails looked in classic red. I think red toenails earned me the first "you have cute toes" compliment. I don't know what exactly this award consists of, but I'll take whatever I can get.

There was a solar eclipse today. Fun fact: The regions that this particular solar eclipse covered inspired the setting for my Script Frenzy 2007 script, in which the main character went to Nova Scotia to watch a solar eclipse and met the love of her life. And then went on with her life, only to date a bunch of losers. Another fun fact: While I was researching for that script, I seriously considered traveling to see this particular eclipse for no good reason. As you can tell, I didn't go through with those plans.

However, I am leaving tomorrow to see Andrew. I'll be gone all week next week, so don't expect to hear from me through LJ land except through voice posts until next Sunday (the 10th) at earliest. It'll be a great time. :D

Since I didn't get any of the Random Stuff Giveaways in the mail yet, expect those when I get back.

Off to pack!