August 13th, 2008

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On vacation and the events therein

I have only one thing to say about last week. Best vacation EVER. Where do I begin? No, really. Where do I begin? Beginning at the beginning hardly does the trip justice, so I'll just list stuff.

-Wine tastings, and Andrew guiding me through the Glenora tasting as opposed to the wine tasting lady. The funny part is that I've discovered sweet wines, which aren't entirely terrible. Since he also prefers sweeter wines to dryer ones, we labeled our wine preferences diabetes and cirrhosis in a bottle. I'm saving the three bottles next to me for a special occasion. Really.
-The liquor store lady in Skaneateles. We went there to get some wine, and he looked for something that I wouldn't spit right back out. The lady suggested Arbor Mist, which I actually wound up liking better straight than with the Sprite that he mixed up with it later. The funny part? The owner of the store was 100% Irish and didn't drink. Not even Guinness.
-THE bumblebee at the first inn. It was out to get us.
-Walking out on Skaneateles Lake and taking in the view. I have pictures. I'll upload them. Eventually. *looks at all the pictures from France that have yet to be uploaded*
-My educating him on the women's right movement when we stopped by Seneca Falls, and the guy in the visitor's center who went on for an hour about the canals and the falls that were actually once at Seneca Falls. He was a really nice guy, though. Andrew and I also visited the corner where the first convention was held (he got to read the Declaration of Sentiments, which was on the wall) and Elizabeth Cady Stanton's house. We got a tour of the house too. It was very exciting.
-Bed and breakfast. Oh. My. Where do I begin with that? Everything was perfect, just perfect. There was the uberbench and the massage and the fanfreakingtastic breakfasts in the morning and the letter sitting on the hutch addressed to us when we checked in late, and the rubber duckies in the tub, and the couch, and so much else. I have pictures of this too, never fear.

-Awesome cheese fries in Eddie O'Briens, and the same waitress two nights in a row. The idea of ranking bar foods. Speaking of cheese fries, we tend to get cheese fries in bars. I see a pattern.
-The bed and breakfast was in the middle of nowhere, and when we looked up at night, we could see stars. Lots of them--more than I had ever seen before, in fact. We stood out there for awhile our first night there (the third night of vacation, for those keeping track) and stargazed while I was pointing out constellations.
-We passed a live bait vending machine on the way to Corning. Yes, really.
-Starting a ridiculously hard sudoku puzzle on his phone at the beginning of the trip and working on it when we weren't doing anything else. Bathroom breaks were ideal times. We did finish it!
-"Something interesting"
-Snuggling and... not snuggling.
-Corning Museum of Glass! That place is so cool. You can also make your own glass things, and we did sandblasting and glass flowers. The flowers require a cooling and setting time, so you can either pick them up the next day or have them shipped to you. Since we were leaving Corning the next day to go back to his hometown, we opted for shipping. Here's where things get interesting. We made flowers for each other, and normally his flower would ship to his address, and mine would ship to mine. That's not what we wanted, though. We wanted it the other way around. After about fifteen minutes of talking it over with the people in the front, we finally filled out hard copy shipping forms and wrote down "Sujin's flower goes to this address" and "Andrew's flower goes to this address" just in case different people were shipping out the flowers. Also, he did receive his flower. Erm, the one I made. This is good. I sent mine (erm, his) to my Agnes address, so it should be there by the time I arrive on campus.
-The Talking Toblerone. How did I go my entire life without knowing the joy and goodness of a Toblerone?
-Some of the best soft-serve ice cream I've ever had. And fried dough! It was at this hole-in-the-wall place near his hometown.

-An encounter with a full-service gas station--my first, actually, and apparently one of his first as well.
-Battery-operated devices and tape that sticks only to itself.
-Best pizza ever. And while we're on that topic, best grilled cheese ever. (I heard the last of my pizza disappeared today. Shame I couldn't take it with me.)
-Waking up on the last morning and finding a note next to my bed with "Good Morning!" on the envelope, then receiving two more on the way to the airport. "Open me on the plane," one said. "Open me when you get bored," the other said. The plane letter was a note about the entire week. The bored one was a sudoku puzzle, which I guessed before I opened it. I still haven't finished it, but to be fair, I haven't really looked at it.
-Running ridiculously late the day I had to leave and still making it to the airport on time
-Guitar Hero and Mario Kart
-The fantastic lake views
-Overshooting a turn and going to turn around. We had meant to tour a winery but kept missing their tour times. We pulled into what looked like a driveway and started to turn around when I pointed out that we had just entered a winery, and should we stop and look around? We stopped by and saw a sign for tour times. I pointed this out to him, and Andrew pointed out that one was about to start. The tour was a lot of fun, and our guide was really enthusiastic.
-The canal lock. We got lucky here too. We drove by the canal lock on the way back from breakfast at one of his favorite diners, and when we drove up, a boat was approaching the lock. So we stayed and watched it go through. It was really neat.

-Living, loving, and realizing that if it weren't for a few private messages on the NaNoWriMo forums back in October, none of this would have happened. Really.