August 19th, 2008


The day the honor code died?

We received this email today from the post office director.

Attention Campus Community,
Effective August 27th, 2008 all campus mailboxes located in the Alston Center will be closed and secured. Our campus Post Office is also utilized by the public and the personal information of our students and staff being kept in the boxes must be secured 24 hours a day. The combination to your box is on the inside part of the mailbox door along with the instructions on how to open it. Please write your combination down. If you have a mailbox that is not working properly please inform me and I will assign you a new one and have the old one repaired. If you have any questions please call or come by the Post Office and I will be happy to answer them. Welcome back and have another great year here at Agnes Scott College.

So is today the day the honor code died? Or is that later this year? I mean, the class of 2012 is coming in this year.