September 10th, 2008


Voice Post

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“Hey LJ, it's me I am next in line to give blood. Just going to be interested in my iron is not high enough. Just wasn't eating cheese burgers for the past till it gets me. Hooray. So I'm about to have a pint if blood sucked out of me and then I could go chill out and eat cookies before seeing your seminar and pray that I don't pass out. Alright here we go. They'll be calling for me any min now. Goodbye.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post
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Post-bloodgiving observations

Giving blood went well. I didn't pass out, despite my thinking that I would. After all, I'm the type to faint at the most random times, which leads to some interesting stories. I actually felt really good afterward, but maybe that was because of the two seconds of sleep I got during the bloodtaking process. Oh, and the Nutter Butters I got afterwards. Mm, Nutter Butters.

The end of my right ring finger still hurts from where they pricked it to check my iron. I knew all those cheeseburgers would come in handy. However, the annoyance of my finger is not handy when I'm trying to write on the symbolism of the bramblebush in a short story for early French lit. Those sentences won't end themselves.

Back to that short essay. You won't sway me, finger.