November 12th, 2008

dare to be different

So, where's your username registered?

Have you ever seen anyone with the same username as your usual e-handle? Have you ever wondered if you've registered yet at some social networking site? Wonder no more, for the Username Check has come to your rescue!

This has me wondering several things. First, who registered my normal handle at eBay? I'm pretty sure it wasn't me, as I never even had an eBay account until late this year (and I didn't try to register it under my usual handle, come to think of it). And second, the Yahoo! person with my e-handle might be me, though I don't remember. Maybe. I'll have to check.

I'm now half-tempted to go grab my name under the really popular networks before someone else does. You never know, after all. Except Myspace. Ew.