November 27th, 2008


Finally, an update. Turkeyfest!

Happy Turkeyfest/Thanksgiving to those in the US. Happy Thursday to everyone else (and maybe you'll get some turkey anyway).

My Turkeyfest was ordinary. Mark and his bunch (as Grandmother would call them) didn't show up. We tried to get a hold of them, and they were aware of our Thanksgiving shenanigans as someone had told them, but apparently they just didn't come. Kids were loud, people yelled, and finally I just buried my head in the paper and worked on the Sudoku puzzle that came in today's paper. It's almost two-thirds finished, by the way. I've reached one of the walls that comes with one of the really hard puzzles.

I've felt like updating for a lot of things, really. When I sit down and update, though, not much writing really happens because there is just so much to write about in so little time. Maybe I should start using Write or Die for LJ entries. That would be interesting. I could let evil kamikaze mode eat my words if I stop writing and then post the result.

Maybe I'll do that sometime.

I have been writing in Dr. Nbook more often, though. Speaking of Dr. Nbook, I started another one: Ceci n'est pas une lettre. It should have been Ceci n'est pas un Dr. Nbook, but that's a bit too meta, even for me.

Meanwhile, someone has subscribed me to Paste magazine... at my parents' house. This someone is not me, as I don't put my parents' address on anything anymore. Hm. Apparently this someone can't spell my first name correctly either, but what else is new? Maybe I really should start that list.

Also, I voted early in the Georgia Senate runoff and educated Jeffrey in the process. I think pointing out that around 75% of voters in the county I'm registered to vote in voted to keep Saxby Chambliss in Senate made him a little less than apathetic, if only for the next ten minutes. Unfortunately, I'm not making that up. Oh, and I got a sticker this time! I asked why the absentee voters didn't get a sticker in the general election because of my general disappointment in lack of sticker, and the person at the voting booth said that they ran out. Hooray!

Now maybe I'll actually touch my novel and figure out what I want for Christmas, as the parents are already asking. I don't really know what I want this year. I mean, I see things that are really shiny and that I want, but I'd get some of them myself if I could afford them, and some of them really are for my own amusement, like the 1337 Scrabble tiles. If only I weren't so damn practical.