December 12th, 2008

le petit prince: ce que je voulais

Maximes FTW

Before I recycle my early French lit notes and go start my other French paper, let me copy this maxime I wrote for class one day for posterity's sake.

L'amour est un grand mystère du coeur que les gens essaient de resoudre toutes ses vies, sans succès.
(Love is a great mystery of the heart that people unsuccessfully try to solve their entire lives.)

Now, to the French paper!
what: pigtail draco

Yeah, like that's going to happen.

Mum just called and asked if I'd be coming back this weekend.

I told her I was on page two of the paper and to do whatever she wanted, which entailed taking Grandmother shopping.

Oh, so what about Monday? Early Tuesday afternoon?

You know, I'd really like a chance to read this paper and make sure it's not utter crap before I turn it in. Oh, and pack.

Also, since when did Google take things out of beta? I'm still waiting for them to take Gmail out of beta.