December 14th, 2008

dreams never die

Chris Baty's post-NaNo wrapup talk

Chris Baty sent out a post-NaNo email today. It's going on my wall, and I may take him seriously on sealing it and reading it on my first day at work. For posterity's sake and because the best part isn't NaNo-specific, here it is.

Dear Novelist,

Wow. We had a feeling this year's NaNo was going to be big. We just didn't realize it would be this big.

NaNoWriMo 2008 not only marked our largest turnout ever, we also had the highest percentage of winners we've seen since the year 2000, when I knew almost all 140 participants personally. Please drop by our blog and help us puzzle out the whys of this year's winning ways (or celebrate it with a Winner's shirt from our store!). Whatever magical forces were afoot this year, we collectively managed to write 1.6 billion words, demolishing last year's count by nearly 500,000,000 words.

With so much fiction produced, you might mistake National Novel Writing Month for a novel writing event. But we actually have a sneaky secondary mission that extends beyond books...and into your job.

(If you're still in school, please print this email out, seal it in an envelope, and read it on your first day at work.)

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stroke of genius


I hit the top of page six! Go me!

More good news: I write my papers in a smaller font than the one I intend to turn it in on. So I changed it over just for a minute to celebrate my real success, and I'm almost at six full pages.

This paper could be seven pages after all! Woot!
le petit prince: pas un chapeau

There exists a light at the end of the tunnel.

Top of page seven. The end is in sight.

Hey, it could be worse. If I were writing this thing in TeXnixCenter, I'd be doing compile-view every other line. "Have I written another few lines?" *compile, view* Damnit. But I do have a few bad boxes!

Since there's just a page left, I think I'll break for now and get some food. If I'm really up for it, I just might finish this tonight.

Except I probably won't be.