December 17th, 2008

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High School Notes, Part Three

I'm back in Podunk! You know what this means.

It's time for another edition of high school note humor! Today we go through AP Psychology and AP US History, but mostly AP History. Coach Gray liked to go off on tangents, which made for great side-note fodder.

From my AP Psychology notes:
Only After Prayer, Little Grinch (This was for Freud's psychosexual stages: Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency, Genital)

From my AP US History notes:
[on the Crusades] When the Christians arrived, they found stuff they liked there.
*spices (tartar sauce!)
*silk (no more wool underwear!)
*opium (ooh)
*algebra (they liked THAT?!?!)
(must have had too much opium)
When they ran out, they wanted more!

"Don't like someone? Throw a dead possum in their well!"

Above some notes on John Winthrop, a conversation that really happened:
Student: "He's in The Scarlet Letter."
Coach Gray: "What does he do in The Scarlet Letter?"
Student: "Die."

On the agricultural south (I have no idea where this came from).
"Time to eat those rabbits."
"No! Those are my Easter bunnies!"

"Easy to snuggle back then."

Seen on the back of a classmate's shirt: "The weather is here. Wish you were beautiful."

[I have no idea what these three things have to do with each other, and context isn't helping much.]
-demobilizing a cow with nose tongs
-Attack of the Killer Cows
"That's an American tree!" "No! That's a Canadian tree!"

[This was a running joke in the class]
James Polk: Best president ever.
[a little later] Remember, he was the best president ever.

[on Uncle Tom's Cabin] "They hold hands in church."

[on the first few states to secede]
"Yeah, the seven we can see from Rock City!"
"You can see the Alamo from Rock City!"
[No, those states weren't the same.]

'interview' in Korean

"I hate Southerners. Can I fight?" "Sure!"

Trustbuster: Teddy Roosevelt
Who you gonna call? Teddy Roosevelt!

[on Hitler's death] "Let's get married and die."

And because of that last bit, I've been reading Hitler articles on Wikipedia for the past hour. He was a fascinating guy. His dog has an article, which surprised me only a little.

Also, I metaquoted twystedpixie. The entire original entry is also funny.