December 29th, 2008

math: mmm pi

High School Notes: Math Edition

Okay, time for the best part. High school math funnies.

There are lots of "Hooray, I get this!" and "Mwahahaha" that I'll spare you. It's the same thing every time, really. Now to the good stuff.

[on factorization]
Every time I finish one of these, I feel like laughing manically. (Don't ask me why.)
Differences of squares: This trick won't work if it's 4x2+25; you're done then. (Where's the fork?)

[on synthetic division] I hope I get SOME of this right, at least... Now watch me come into Mrs. Potts' room tomorrow morning screaming out, "I don't get this! Take me away before I take myself away!"

[on power functions] Qu'est-ce que c'est? Je ne sais pas. Je ne le connais pas. Oh, function!

"If you work math long enough, you'll just get what you started with."

"If God is not a God of confusion, then why did He create math?"

Tomorrow morning's Whinery session: "Mrs. Potts, why am I such an idiot?"

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