January 11th, 2009

writing: still working on that thing

When did this happen?

I've been back at Agnes since Thursday night. Whoo.

Senior transitions went well. I'm half convinced that my BA in math and French will be completely useless (especially in combination with a love of writing), half convinced that the huge box Andrew sent my Christmas stuff in will make a fine home after graduation, and half convinced that the practicalities of being a grownup like taking care of health insurance are going to be very... interesting, to say the least. Especially with invisible problems that could actually come up.

As if I didn't ask enough questions, I should have asked about that.

I didn't win any door prizes during the event. The big door prize was a gift certificate to Macy's with a personal shopper. I didn't win that either, but Stephanie, Minda, and I went to Macy's afterward, and I had Minda as a personal shopper. It was all good.

Classes start on Tuesday. Where did my vacation go?