March 1st, 2009


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It's snowing! I was supposed to have a tour this morning for Achievement weekend, but no one showed up before elevenish, by which time it was pouring outside. Everyone went up to eat brunch. By the time everyone came back down, very few people had arrived, the weather had turned to sleet and snow, and Nancy started letting us go, seniors first. Score.

Now to work on the crapton of stuff I need to do today. Ahoy!
ooh shiny

Photographic evidence of snow

I mentioned snow earlier. Have some evidence.

View from my window
This is what the snow looks like from my bedroom window. Well, one of them. It doesn't help that my desk faces the window and I keep staring out the window and watching the snow when I should be working.

So at some point this afternoon Renu and I decided to build something outside. Ours is at the very end, but see some of the other creations that we passed on the way.

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