March 5th, 2009

i walk this empty road

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One more class before spring break!

* I need to go to Emory's and Georgia State's libraries tomorrow afternoon.

* There was green bean casserole at lunch on Wednesday.

* I'm writing my senior seminar paper over the break.

* I still don't know what I'm going to do after graduation.

* I haven't felt like writing in here lately.

* I need more time for Dr. Nbook. Unfortunately I've had very little, instead wasting most of that possible writing time dicking around on the Internet.

Yet on the contrary, I'm mostly fine. Mostly. If I can push some people out of the way so I can do laundry and pack before I leave, I'll be in great shape.

I know I said I wouldn't return chez mes parents over spring break, but when I realized that week would be a prime time to write my senior seminar paper, I figured I might as well. I'll just keep the post-graduation visit to a minimum. Hey, I need some time to pack all that stuff I left over there.