March 28th, 2009

physics: resistance is futile

The work, the work, it never ends

To do between now and 1 April:

* Pretend to have read for nonfiction since each group is choosing an essay to present on Monday. No one in my group has spoken up on choosing and essay yet.
* Finish draft of senior seminar paper. Remember that? I haven't touched it since spring break. This is due Tuesday afternoon. I have a lot of things like CHANGE THIS and MORE GOES HERE. Those'll probably stay for now. Either way, we're finally meeting again, and now I'm really wishing that senior seminar and independent study met on different days. I know it was a time thing and I had a say in both, but I chose those times knowing that I also needed to choose times for lots of other things (after the rest of my schedule was set in stone), and some of these things depended on each other. Guh.
* Put together a 10-minute presentation on the Paris that Baudelaire knew. In French. This is for Tuesday morning.
* Work on my independent study so I'll have something to talk about on Tuesday afternoon. Oh, and for SpARC. By the way, I finally decided to do just one presentation. Good thing, too. I'm not posting the April list yet since that's just big and scary and will feel like I'm counting down to my doom graduation.
* Study for and take complex test. Ask any questions I have about it before taking it. This is due Wednesday at noon.
* Come up with a plot for Script Frenzy. Starting 1 April, write it. When you see the April list, you'll see why this is a wee bit crazy. But I live for the crazy.

But on the bright side, I don't have complex on Monday thanks to the test. Woot!

The power was out for most of the morning, meaning I couldn't work on any of the above. Someone did get stuck in an elevator, as I heard upon a trip down to public safety (their phones weren't working). So party at the circulation desk it was.

Also, Dr. Koch and Dr. Wiseman are running in the marathon tomorrow, and the marathon route passes through the college. I made a sign for them: "If you can run n marathons, you can run n+1 marathons!" It's a pretty sweet sign, if I do say so myself. Now who's going to join me in the cheering section?