April 9th, 2009

math: coffee to theorems

My advisor's going to hate me.

As I've mentioned, I have to write a paper of doom for my independent study. This is one of those papers that, by his past experience, people write during spring break and spend the rest of the semester tweaking, perfecting, and oh, working on the SpARC presentation.

Of course, I haven't been doing that. Come on, you know me better than that. With my schedule?

On Tuesday he told me, "So I know you'll hate to do this, but it's time to stop thinking about the math and start writing." Funny since the two things are two of my favorite things to do. Writing math papers is much more tedious and much less exciting than it sounds.

%My funny comments have been relegated to commented-out lines! Commented-out lines, I tell you!

However, now that I'm writing, I'm doing *more* math. Math that, in fact, will show up in the paper. Who would have thought?