April 17th, 2009

welcome to skullcrusher mountain

I want to sleep, but first a few things to jot down.

1. I did my SpARC runthrough for Dr. Koch today. Then he nitpicked it just like he did my paper. Fun times. Fun fact: He wore the math is hard shirt, and I almost grabbed that shirt this morning. That would have been creepy. I did, however, grab the xkcd "My normal approach is useless" shirt, which is also black.

2. Hub sing was tonight. I spent most of it on the fringes talking to people, some of whom I had never talked to before.

3. I finished substantially editing my 490 paper of doom. Now to write in the chunk that I didn't do tomorrow morning.

4. I don't know where I'm going to be after graduation, but Ticketmaster says that JoCo's coming to Atlanta on 30 May. My presence is not requested at that show, it is required. Tickets go on sale... apparently later today. No sign of the show listing yet on JoCo's website, but he has been busy lately.