April 21st, 2009

qc: puritan pintsize/winslow

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to guess my password.

I am the very model of a BLANK.

BLANK's real identity is between... six and nine letters long, I think, because that was what irked me about these passwords. No symbols because I got annoyed when they stopped allowing them. And yes, I wrote it. I just can't remember what it is.

This is bad.

And yes, after I figure it out, I'll be changing it to something I can remember and writing it down, damnit, because there's no "email me my password" feature. Just a hint that I apparently decided to make unhelpful.

Also, this week is Hell Week. Here before you is evidence.

* French test (11am Tuesday)
* Senior Seminar presentation (3:30pm Tuesday)
* Making shirts for Scottie Math Bowl (Tuesday night--my team this year is We Eat English Majors)
* Nonfiction second draft due (11:59:59pm Tuesday)
* SpARC presentation (9:25am Wednesday)
* SuperSekritMission (noon Wednesday)
* Scottie Math Bowl! (12:15 Wednesday, and you should come cheer us on)
* Math major exit exam (1:45-4:00pm Thursday)
* Write letter to nonfiction partner about her essay (by 11:59:59pm Thursday)
* Yet another draft of 490 paper (Friday afternoon)
* Senior seminar paper due (Now he wants it a few days after the presentation, meaning by Friday)

Hey, at least that'll cross some stuff off my to-do list.