April 22nd, 2009

math: gang sines

Om nom nom English majors

First, team We Eat English Majors won the Scottie Math Bowl. YAY! I now own the Scottie Math Bowl, which is made of (to the chagrin of the Office of Sustainability) styrofoam and written on in black Sharpie. The winning prizes were teddy bears wearing shirts with different calculus definitions. Mine has the Mean Value Theorem. :D

Also, each team had a sheet of paper with their team name on it, which was used to draw which teams went first in the semifinals. The other three teams had just the name with no picture, but my team had a cute figure eating an arm holding a Shakespeare book. "We do not condone any of the team names," Dr. Koch said as he announced the teams. In fact, one of the English professors asked us how we liked our English majors (ketchup, hot sauce, etc.), and I said I liked mine with honey mustard. Oh, and told the truth.

Dr. Lewin commented afterward that I know way too much about Dr. Koch. She probably meant that in a way that I know way too much about the entire math department. Who's going to answer all the faculty questions when I graduate? This is what taking a ton of math classes *does*.

My SpARC presentation also went off without a hitch, which is good.

Rachael and Nicole got ponded today. The pond was drained sometime between Monday and today, so we just poured water all over them.

Also, Nalbert's resigning. Apparently there is a replacement, who will take over after commencement. I must find out about this.

I haven't touched the friends list in a week and probably won't be able to until I turn in my 490 paper and finish Script Frenzy (30 pages now and determined to finish), so if it's somewhat important or if wank explodes and produces great lulz, let me know.