July 8th, 2009

sinfest: go on internets

Observations of the day

Deepest Sender works for Firefox 3.5 now! HOORAY!

I finally finished writing about my adventures in NYC and Jersey. It took a nontrivial chunk of Dr. Nbook and several days to do so.

I cooked hamburger pi for dinner tonight. It was yummy and pi-licious.

I'm also hitting some milestones in the near future. Six thousand bookmarks at delicious (you may not see all of them because a few are private) are quickly approaching, quite possibly in the next few days. Make your predictions now. Does this site already exist? Will it be created five minutes before I bookmark it?

Meanwhile, over at last.fm, I'm approaching 100,000 tracks. Again, I could hit the magical 100k tracks in the next few days. Anyone want to predict track number 100,000? No, I don't have a special track in mind, but as soon as I do hit the magic number, I can join the 100,000 tracks group. It also means I won't have any more milestones over there for awhile. Sadness.