August 19th, 2009

dare to be different

She doesn't get it, does she?

Mum called me today to get some food out the fridge. With that came a job offer.

There was one catch. The job was here. In the place I've been trying to get away from since birth.

"I just thought you'd be able to work there and save some money for three or four months--"

NO. NO. I've already been here for three months, which is three months too long. And three or four more months with people who don't care about my own mental health? I'd go insane, not that I haven't already. Now that I've done NaNoWriMo with a supportive community of NaNoers, I can't go back to doing NaNo all alone in the middle of nowhere. Just. No.

I can already feel my life ticking away, day by day, wasted. I don't need this to happen anymore. If this keeps up for much longer, I'll turn into the people I don't want to become.