November 24th, 2009

nanowrimo: sushimustwrite

Yay for purple!

1. I have a purple bar!

2. 110k!

3. I returned to my parents' house on a Thanksgiving visit today. My bed is gone, of course, as it's in my current place of residence. My makeshift bed for the weekend is a folding bed that my grandfather gave me as a kid.

Sometimes you really do go back to your roots.

(Yes, this is the entire entry at SWAT today.)

4. It's Donation Day at NaNo! Go to the Donation Station and donate before -8 GMT (3am Eastern Time, midnight Pacific), and if over $100,000 total are raised, then Chris and Lindsey from the staff will sing and dance. Matt and Tia from Atlanta are already bringing on shenanigans because of our regional goal. Now to see if $100,000 is reached. You know you want to see me dance, too, right? Interpretive dance, at that?