February 4th, 2010



I have an RSS feed of my friends list with the rest of my links. I don't read my friends list from there because that would be a pain in the neck, but I do use it to see who has updated recently and to see if there are enough posts to warrant another decent friends list read. If you have a paid, permanent, or early adopter account, you can do the same thing; it just involves creating a custom theme layer.

My feed stopped this afternoon. This isn't a huge deal; it's just an annoyance because that's how I see who has updated (and it's how I see some of your entries before reading the entire friends list because sometimes you're just more awesome than usual). I've done this for over a year and doing so has become habit. Since LJ is up, though, I have to wonder if this is just something weird going on with the theme or something deeper. Hm.