February 7th, 2010

sleepy bunny

(no subject)

The Super Bowl killed Twitter. I tried to tweet that, even after going to the website and seeing that it was down.


In other news, it turns out that the RSS thing I mentioned is definitely something funky on LJ's end. I already get IM alerts for lj_releases, so I'll be on the lookout.

I've also been cleaning my stuff to make the packing process easier. I've been running into some dilemmas, mostly because there's no chance to recycle at my parents' place, and since I plan on being there for at least a few months, I hope to make that easier for everyone because seeing my dad not only buy bottled water but throw away most of the bottles after one use incites a rage inside me that few things can reproduce. At least it's not Evian.

Anyway, I forgot I was writing this. Should I throw out my physics notes? After all, I probably won't use them again, but you never know. Granted, I still have the book (for now), and I've already recycled the labs and quizzes. The notes were much more accessible than the textbook, though, so I'm torn.