February 11th, 2010

sinfest: go on internets

How Facebook Chat in Jabber is destroy IM real estate

Image: My buddy list with just categories shown. Twitter, Everyone Else, Precollege, NaNoWriMo, College, and LiveJournal were added when I added my Facebook chat account for kicks just to poke around and see what it entailed. That's great except I already have categories for livejournal.com (the LJ Talk client), Nanowrimo (note the capitalization), NaNo Leet (those I talk to regularly), Buddies (everyone else), and a blurred out category that I didn't feel like putting in image form on the Internet. (That's the Ex Files, for the curious.)

There's a note below the collapsed categories:

"Dear Facebook, I don't need yet more categories for LJ and NaNoWriMo. Actually, I need to make another category for NaNo. Thanks for reminding me of that. No love, Sushi. PS. Some of you contacts may as well get separate categories now. I wonder how FB chat would react."

Throw in the fact that people on multiple lists do in fact show up multiple times when they're logged on, even though I have only one Facebook account, and we have a recipe for frustration. I think I'll just collapse those categories from now on.

I do need another NaNo category though.