February 19th, 2010

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My shoulder still hurts. It has hurt since... Sunday, I think? It's usually fine during most of the day, but once night falls it hurts. Ow ow ow.

I definitely would have popped out that kid by now had I been impregnated at graduation.

I've been reading articles on math and science at the Simple English Wikipedia. Some of the articles are quite amusing due to being so simplified.

I've also been reading links in my toread tag at Delicious. Since quite a few of them are links that I bookmarked to read later because I was too tired to read them right then or because they were long and I had a negative attention span at the time, I easily knocked quite a few of them out of the toread zone over the past few days. Of course, some of them are books, so we'll see what happens to them. I may change my mind, or I may keep them bookmarked forever. Who knows.

NaNoEdMo starts soon: fifty hours of editing in March. I have no idea how much editing I'll actually get done since the novel (NaNo 2009 the first, the one with the pumpkins) is a mess. We'll see what happens.