February 28th, 2010


Some days I like to spam Twitter with funny stuff.

I was in the throes of PMS yesterday and was looking for ways to cheer myself up. When Paul and Storm started posting literal pop songs on Twitter, I read a few and started laughing. Hard.

Then I posted my own. ALL AFTERNOON. This was a ridiculous amount of fun, but even more fun with crappy songs from my childhood. The 140-character restraint made this even harder, especially when taking into consideration the hashtag #literalpopsongs to be added at the end so others could find it. I had entire choruses composed for some of these that got cut off because of the hashtag. I'll include them for the ones I remember.

For posterity, here we go!

My loneliness is killing me / And I must confess that I am dying on the spot #literalpopsongs

Everybody/Yeah times six billion/Shake your body/HOLYCRAPSTOPTHAT #literalpopsongs

I don't want the world to see me/Even though it can still see me here/I can't run away from this planet/Because it's the only one with air

She blinded me with science and threw HCl in my eyes #literalpopsongs

Collapse )

Now, how many of these songs can you guess? I tried to keep them somewhat mainstream, or at least they were mainstream at some point in time.