March 6th, 2010

math: mmm pi

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I'm still behind on NaNoEdMo, but only by 72 minutes. That's just a few extra minutes per day, which is completely doable. Some people think that EdMo is easier than NaNoWriMo is, but I'm thinking that it's harder. Maybe it's because I write quickly, or maybe it's because I'm taking apart a first draft and putting it back together again while a lot of them are at the prose polishing, story telling stage. Since there's currently no way to alter time, we're all putting the same amount of time into the challenge (in theory), and I don't get a word count or page count as a result at the end, just an idea dump of what I've thought of to put in the rewrite.

Mum bought a GPS with her tax refund money. She mentioned something about going geocaching. I did not tell her about this.

After dinner tonight Dad threw something in the trash and said, "So long!" I added, "And thanks for all the fish!" No one said a thing. My heart weeps, for I live with non-geeks. Well, okay, my brother plays World of Warcraft, but he doesn't really geek out over anything. It's the same way lots of people think that they're geeks just because they know how to turn on a webcam and use Facebook even though all they really know how to do is camwhore and play Farmville.

In other news, Pi Day is next Sunday. WOOT.