March 7th, 2010

writing: fiction not reality

Males of the flist, help!

I finally talked the parents into having pi-friendly food on Pi Day. Huge success.

I'm now at 10 hours and 15 minutes of editing. At this point I'm trying to figure out what my characters are like and what's going on in the middle of the story. My main character is a seventeen-year-old boy and a senior in high school. I have never been a seventeen-year-old boy. I have a brother who was seventeen at some point, but I wasn't around him much at that point of his life thanks to being off at college. So I ask you, dear males of my friends list (and I think I know a general answer for a few of you): What were you like when you were seventeen? What were your interests, your dreams? What drove you absolutely insane? What made you happier than anything? What did you do with your friends?

Please. Give me insight into a teenage boy's mind. I realize that I have access to one in the next room, and I'll probably tap that resource at some point, but obviously not all teenage boys are made the same (and my character has friends, you know). Yes, you can ping me privately if you'd like. All the info you need is in the profile, and most of it is obvious.

Also, I feel like going on an icon uploading spree. Hmm.