May 4th, 2010

foxtrot: nerds make better lovers

Some links of note

Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you. I have no Star Wars icon (the horror), so take a Foxtrot icon instead.

48 hours. One magazine. One hell of a time. You should sign up to find out about the time. I already have. It'll be a great time.

xkcd published the color survey results. Guess what? I wrote about them too! The male colors amuse me and make me weep at the same time, even though I was thinking exactly WTF as I was doing the survey.

One more thing, courtesy of the wonders of Reddit: Ask a former Silph Co. employee anything. As usual, the gold is in the comments.

This is why I keep my primary linkspam to Delicious. Oh, and occasionally Twitter. According to my Twitter followers, I have the best stereotypically male browsing history, though. This is based on a site that pegged me as 6% likely female.