July 5th, 2010

sinfest: go on internets

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A few days ago I discovered that the domain hack for my first name is still available. It's really inexpensive for a country code TLD (it costs less than my .com and .org!), and I found it at a reputable domain registrar. Renewing it would be more than what I'm paying now, but not horrendously so. It's less than what I'd expect for a international TLD.

It's tempting, but if I got it, what would I do with it? Most of my online presence is under this ID, and unfortunately that's frowned upon in many industries outside of the tech sector, and even within, except in certain areas. I just don't want to go to all the work of building such a site only to fuse everything together one day, whether due to luck or circumstances.

Speaking of websites, if you've tried to access SWAT or Wikiwrimo over the past couple of days, there may have been some intermittent downtime thanks to someone DDOSing a site hosted by my webhost. The fun of shared hosting, and I was just making progress on Wikiwrimo, too!