September 2nd, 2010

lj: i survived

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All right, LJ, it's time for an experiment.

I'm sure everyone and their mother has heard about the new ability to link LJ to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and, oh, publish content regardless of its security level. Including comments to locked entries. I think the idea's silly, mostly because there's enough feed pollution going on without LJ adding to it. Don't worry, people who follow me elsewhere: I believe too strongly in preventing feed pollution to add to it.

Along with threats to move to Dreamwidth, CSS fixes and a Greasemonkey script have been circulating to get rid of the buttons. (Note: The Greasemonkey script gets rid of the buttons only for you.) Let's test some of these. I won't be testing the script because it's browser-dependent and won't eliminate the buttons for everyone viewing your journal. Also, none of these fixes will work if you don't have custom comment pages enabled, so you'll need a Plus/Paid/Permanent account for that.

Also, my layout is the Expressive Flourish layout with custom comment pages. What works for my theme may not work for you, and vice versa.

saifai's CSS fix does make the buttons disappear. The Repost To text remains, along with the settings link. You can tell that something was there before, and I still have to hit tab twice before hitting post. (Honestly, this is the biggest frustration of the whole kerfluffle, making sure I don't accidentally tab into the Settings button and hit enter.)

emmagrant01 points out a one-line solution that gave me the same thing as above. I refreshed this in a second browser while logged out, and "Repost To" still showed up.

xnguard wrote another solution that does the same thing but for more layouts. This does the same thing to my layout as the others did. Repost To still shows up, even when logged out. Does this strike anyone else as strange? Can you link Facebook and Twitter accounts to an OpenID account? Obviously these are unclickable to an anonymous user, and someone logged in via Facebook may be able to post to Facebook, but what about posting to Twitter?

Another thing: I saw people concerned about the Share This button. That has been there for awhile, and it shows up only on public posts. (Obviously.) This is another thing I don't get: why ask for permission to link to something that's open to anyone to read? That's the point of the link. Clicking the button only shows options to share. It does not automagically share the link with everyone and your grandmother.

So unless you have a very customized layout, just choose one and put it in your custom CSS style sheet. Remember that you may be doing it at the risk of the TOS, as evilsimon warns. Do so wisely.

In other news, anyone else think it's weird that LJ is featuring winter themes in the layout section?