October 31st, 2010

writing: you are so screwed

The day before NaNo

Twenty-four hours until NaNoWriMo. My to-do list is somewhat reasonable, and if some of the low-priority items don't get done, they just won't get done. Still, I think I can get them done. My entire day tomorrow will be devoted to knocking things off that list.

As for that plot? Maybe I'll have to pants that novel.

Or not. I can do this.
nanowrimo: in soviet russia

NaNo's almost here!

NaNoWriMo starts in less than two hours. One hour and fifty-five minutes as of this writing, in fact. So, you might wonder, how did I do on this weekend's to-do list?

Surprisingly well. My nails are nice and short, I have acquired noveling consumables, Linux is now up and running on my laptop with some quirks that will have to wait until later to fix, and I have NaNoMailed all the newbies I haven't heard from recently. Wikiwrimo is more up-to-date, though not quite as up-to-date as I'd like. Since Wikiwrimo is a work in progress, sometimes I just have to admit that good is good enough for now. I did do a big thing at Wikiwrimo today: I set up an autowelcomer. Now I don't have to copy and paste the welcome message every time someone new joins. Hooray for saving time!

About that plot... I haven't been thinking about it much today, to be honest. You'd think I would because I get to start writing the story in less than an hour and a half, but nope. This is a day in the life of a Pantser. (Yes, I created that article today.) Some things don't change.

OH OH OH! The folks at NaNoWriMo HQ RT'd me again! :D Awesome noveling season is awesome.