November 27th, 2010

nanowrimo: sleeping is for december

#50kweekend, day one

So how was the first third of 50k weekend? In a word: awesome.

I started with 210,302 words. I stopped writing at 11:45pm with 238,069 words. For those playing along at home, that's 27,767 words. For those who don't care about the numbers, that's a lot. Given that my previous record was just over 20,000 and I mean that by not even 100 words, I just shattered my single day writing record and stomped the pieces into the floor.

Observations of the day:

*Pain level: Rare and only when I've been sitting for too long. I expect this to go up tomorrow, just as it did during the three-day novel contest.

*Plot: I swear, this book is never going to end. Just in case it does, I have a fourth idea ready thanks to the crazies in the #nanolanta chat room.

*Competition: I had the best first day of the #50kweekend crazies I've been talking with today. I plan to cut back on the words a little tomorrow, perhaps to 20k. I'm also approaching the top of page three on the NaNo word count list, though. I probably won't hit page two before the end of the month, but it'd be nifty if I did.

*Fun: It's still a lot of fun so far. Writing may be a little less fun tomorrow, but that's the nature of the beast. Word wars and talking to my fellow crazies will keep it more fun.

*I pulled off 10k in four hours (okay, three hours and 45 minutes) after hitting 15,000 words and taking a break for food and a shower. This was the big accomplishment of the day. 10k in four hours is a push for me, but it's a doable push. It requires me to concentrate on writing for almost that entire period (unless, of course, I'm doing word wars, in which case I get a little more distraction time but still have to be dedicated to setting up those wars).

*This is ridiculous amounts of fun. It should be a NaNo tradition.