January 31st, 2011

writing: plot bunny

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Today's xkcd=story of my life.

I have Irssi and Bitlbee running on Dora now. It is very cool, and the black screen of the terminal makes me wish I knew about it several years ago when I was getting computer-related headaches all the time. My only real complaint after about a week is that the Twitter client isn't designed for users as active as I am. As a result I use the website to read Twitter in the morning and then fire up Bitlbee for the rest of the day.

I wrote 10k today for Jannowrimo and my novel after not having written in it for over two weeks. I have 10k to write tomorrow to reach my goal of 35k for the month. I can do it! I even have a plan for roughly the first half of tomorrow. It could stretch into all of tomorrow depending on how long the scene is. The first major scene has been written twice before, but this time I'm removing a character, and that'll involve some major changes.

To writing!