March 12th, 2011


The camping trip, part one

This is probably going to be in multiple parts so I don't take a week like I did last time. First, I finally finished writing about it. Yay! It also took almost an entire Dr. Nbook, as I tweeted last night. I started this Dr. Nbook on Friday before leaving. It is almost finished. Clearly I had a lot to say, and this was a revelation-free trip.

Now on to the fun stuff.

We were planning on leaving around eleven Friday but didn't actually leave until one. He opted to get a couple more hours of sleep thanks to our upcoming five or six hours on the road plus his two additional hours in coming to get me. During this time I started a new Dr. Nbook and finished the chapter in my linguistics book on phonology, meaning I'll be able to breeze through the nontechnical stuff later.

Like last time, a lot of the trip was filled with music and singalongs. At one point I decided to outline the rest of the pumpkin novel since I was reaching the point of needing to do that, so I dug out Dr. Nbook and a pen (which was almost out of ink) and went to town. My outlining process (if you can call it that) consists simply of writing down the scenes that need to happen. This took only about ten minutes, and when I announced that I was finished, he laughed. This led to a discussion on planning versus pantsing (he's also a pantser) and nontraditional writing conventions. One idea we had to start with a bunch of characters, then kill half of them halfway through the story, kill half the remaining characters halfway later, then keep doing that. At the end, don't tell if the last character lives or dies but heavily hint that they die. This works well for a zombie apocalypse novel. The reverse also works well, just not for zombie novels. Introduce one character and write half the novel with just them. Then introduce another halfway through, and another halfway more, et cetera.

I also called Jordan, the friend of David's we were meeting at the campsite. While there were ten of us going on the trip, Jordan was the person David knew on the trip. Most of the others were friends of friends, meaning I wouldn't know anyone else. I identified myself to Jordan as David's nick (yes, he also uses the same nick everywhere) but in another body.

We also passed a sign that said "Honk if you like jackpots." "Well?" David said.

"Well, what?"

"Are you going to do it?"

And I honked. Not because I like lotteries, but because the idea behind a jackpot is a fun one, even if you probably won't win it. I asked if David was going to do it, and he said he didn't like jackpots. I told him that I like the idea behind a jackpot, but I dislike lotteries and the mathematical improbability of winning one.

(To explain the honking thing, one night awhile back I decided to prettify myself by painting my nails, shaving my legs, et cetera. This led to my tweeting I'd be a swan and therefore would able to tweet properly. He tweeted back that I'd be able to honk properly. I've been honking since.)

We stopped at a McDonalds for food, and David checked his messages there. One of them was from Jordan. He apologized for sounding like a dick earlier when talking to me and said "I love you no matter what body you may possess." Bwahahaha. :D

More to come; if I don't post this now I'll keep writing it until it becomes unbearably long, and we know what'll happen then.