March 14th, 2011

math: mmm pi

The camping trip, part three

First, happy Pi Day! Go be irrational.

There's a joke that goes like this:

Q: What's worse than finding a nail in your apple?
A: The Holocaust.

The idea behind the joke isn't necessarily to be funny but to show some perspective. There are loads of things worse than finding a nail in your apple. Duh. But think of something a lot worse.

This joke came up as a bunch of us were chatting around the fire, and someone came up with the punchline "Getting your penis chopped off." This doesn't work if you don't have a penis, but it's definitely worse than finding a nail in your apple. Then, being the twisted minded person that I am, combined the two for the new punchline to that joke.

Things that happened around the fire:

A couple of people went for a walk, possibly to the waterfall. This was not a bright idea this late at night, especially given the hike down there and the darkness. We kept hearing coyotes while sitting around the fire and wondered if they head them. I didn't know about the missing people, but if I heard them I'd be heading back. I tried not to care enough to go out looking for them, partly because I hadn't met them yet and partly because I didn't know the park and therefore wouldn't know where to start looking.

David commented on the lack of hot people on the trip. He added that this included himself. Heh.

The air mattress pump kept the fire going as it started to die down. A few people went to bed and eventually it was just David, Jordan, Meaghan (Jordan's girlfriend), and me around the fire. We tried to keep it down. The missing people hadn't returned by the time we went to bed. While I was in the bathroom the three of them discussed all four of us sleeping in our tent since it was so big. This surprised me on my return, but I rolled with it.

David was going to read himself to sleep. This is something I've never been able to do, partly because reading when sleepy has one of two effects: it wakes me up or I have no clue what's going on because I'm so tired, and I want to figure out what's going on, but then I can't later when I'm reading while alert. Reading while sleepy usually doesn't end well for me. This also meant a distinct lack of nighttime snuggles. Sadface, but oh well.

A few minutes after all of us were cozy and in bed, someone came in our tent and asked if we wanted to go on an adventure, specifically an adventure to find the missing people. It was late, I wanted to go to sleep, but when Jordan and David put on their shoes and I realized Meghan was staying behind, I realized that the guys were going and the girls were staying. This couldn't stand, so I put on my shoes and went with them.

All five of us going on the adventure loaded ourselves in someone's car. There was one problem, and we didn't notice it until we were in the car. We were squeezed pretty tightly in the car. There was no room for the two people we were looking for. "I think we've assumed we're not going to find them," someone said. He was probably right, but off we went. As soon as we drove away from the campsite, there they came, traipsing toward us. We told them we were afraid they were going to get eaten by bears or coyotes (which we had discussed in great depth around the fire), and so ended our adventure of C Loop.

Sometime in the middle of the night David grabbed my backside. "Hey," he said. I was too tired to do such a thing, so I didn't do anything. He grabbed my shoulder and told me to get off the mattress; he was going to reinflate it. Sleepy me rolled off the mattress, and this was when I noticed that Jordan and Meaghan had left. This struck me as strange as Jordan asked us to wake them up when we got up. It was still dark outside. David reinflated the mattress, and we went back to sleep.

The rain started soon after this. The weather reports had warned about rain and lots of it. For now it was just some on and off pitter patters, and we were safe and cozy inside the tent. I didn't get much deep sleep, but somehow I was still feeling rested toward morning. The fact that it was raining should have sprung me into action, but it didn't; I continued to lie there on the mattress and try to sleep. David kept sleeping, and at one point I had my back turned to him with my arms stretched out and he rolled over and wrapped an arm around me. Mmm, sleepysnuggles. (This also led to a discussion on sleeping bags with arm sections when the mattress was being reinflated. I like to stretch my arms out while I sleep, but my arms would be cold if I did that outside the sleeping bag. Sleeping bag companies, get on this.) Eventually this became alert cuddles in the morning light, but then David asked what time it was and we discovered that it was almost eleven. Crap. Off we went. He brought his vehicle back to the campsite since it was open and I went to the bath house to freshen up since I could do that and since my hair was crazy from sleeping in the sleeping bag. And the day began.