March 17th, 2011


The camping trip, part six? Maybe?

At this point all ten of us were in Erin's room. One of the guys, Michael (I think this was his name) was definitely drunk. He was a fun drunk, though. Conversation happened. We discussed masturbation and concluded that Michael had killed more kittens than anyone else in the room.

I spotted Erin's Russian textbook at one point and went through it. Even though I've never studied a language based on a non-Roman alphabet, the beginning was pretty easy. I explained how I was going through the pronunciation. David said, "Look at that. She's already learning it."

"No, I have the advantage of knowing basic phonetics," I replied. It was true; I had finished the chapters on phonetics and phonology right before we left for this trip.

David kept trying to get Michael to sit on his lap. Michael kept saying no.

People started to go to bed eventually, first the couple on Erin's bed. David and I grabbed their spots when they left. They asked us to try to be quiet even though they knew it'd be hard. More conversation happened, someone else went to bed, and then there were seven of us left: Jordan, Meaghan, Erin, David, Michael, this guy with a hipster vibe who was definitely not a hipster but whose name I couldn't remember and was half-asleep, and me. Someone found a book of questions designed to be asked among a group of people in situations like this. The questions ranged from the generic to the probing (love and spiritual). We took turns passing the book around and asking questions from it. The questions got more interesting as time went on. I don't remember a lot of them, but here's a sampling.

* "If you could ask one question to anyone in the future, what would it be?" I said that I'd ask myself something in the future, but now I'd rethink this. David said he'd go in a music store in 25 years and ask, "Is this what you're listening to now?"

* "If you could switch places with anyone for a day, who would you choose and why?" Everyone else had really serious answers. I said screw serious; I'm switching with a perfectly happy five-year-old. Then I could really see the world from their eyes and remember what it's like to be a kid again, especially if we get our adult knowledge as well.

* "What's the silliest thing you've done for love?" Those who have known me for a few years will remember this one: I was planning on moving up to be with Andrew after graduation, and this continued even when the relationship was on the rocks. Then we broke up, and suddenly I was free, but I had a lot of scrambling to do. I tend to do lots of silly things for love even though I'm a pretty rational person, but that deserves its own post instead of getting crammed into a bullet point of an entry on a completely different topic.

* There was also a question about the characteristics of true love which sparked a lot of discussion.

Other things that happened at some point:

I found myself hugging Erin and David. I don't remember the circumstances, but probably said that I liked hugging people, and to prove this point I hugged Erin on one side of me and then hugged David on the other side of me. Neither one hugged me back. Maybe I'm a ninja hugger.

Someone discovered the bag of Dove chocolates on Erin's desk. Yes, the ones with the cheesy sayings inside the wrapper. Okay, most of them are inspirational, but these were directed toward women who like to pamper themselves. Erin said that most of them were repeats, so all of us decided to test this. Each of us took one, and sure enough, David and I got the same one. It said something about shutting yourself away from the world. A couple of others also got duplicates.

Michael and I found ourselves talking about awkwardness. He think he's also weird and awkward, which struck me as weird because he doesn't strike me as such at all even when sober. Maybe it's a perspective thing. David decided to put this to a vote. "Raise your hand if you think Michael's weird and awkward," he said. About four hands went up. "Now raise your hand if you think Sujin's weird and awkward." About four hands went up, some of them different. I guess my lesson here is that people can still like you even if you are weird and awkward. Even if they do notice, they won't like me less for it, or at least the people who matter won't. Maybe I should keep this in mind.

The last question was something spiritual, about the biggest sin or something like that. This one really started the discussion, particularly between Michael and Jordan, about various philosophical issues. I stopped talking and started listening eventually since I disagreed with most of what they were saying and didn't want to start a debate and besides, they were having a constructive discussion. David and I started whispering while they were talking. For me it was a small joke after he commented on his deep voice and the impossibility of making it quiet.

The two of us went to bed soon after this. We got into our sleeping bags. He claimed the armchair, and I have no idea how he slept decently in it. I claimed a spot on the floor. Neither of us thought to turn off the kitchen light that he had turned on so we could see. Whoops.

That is (finally) Saturday. If I'm lucky Sunday will fit in one post.