March 18th, 2011


The camping trip, part seven

Finally we've arrived at Sunday morning. Sleepyhead me got up, got dressed, and washed up as soon as the bathroom was available, and then I organized and packed my stuff. All my wet stuff went in a separate bag. My remaining non-wet items went in my backpack. Then it was time to figure out the sleeping bag, which came out of a teeny tiny bag. David took care of this the previous times, so the most efficient way to do this was still a mystery to me. I tried rolling it and folding it until David told me the best way was to stuff it in there; he had tried every way and found that stuffing it in there was the best way. I was skeptical at first. Surely there had to be a better way. Maybe there was a way to prove the best way to insert the sleeping bag into the bag. But I tried stuffing it, and sure enough, it started to make its way into the bag.

Well, the first part made its way in there. While I stuffed the sleeping bag in the bag, others made their way in the common area. Eventually a significant chunk of the sleeping bag was sticking out, and it was time for me to stand up and apply more force. I carried the bag over to the table where David and Michael were sitting. Erin offered us Pop-tarts. All of us took some, though I saved mine for after the sleeping bag incident. David kept telling me he could finish it for me, but I insisted on doing it myself. I started it, and I was going to finish it. I did finally let him finish it because there was just a little bit sticking out and he could apply more force than I could. I took a sip of his coffee (not bad for coffee) and made some tea to go with my Pop-tarts. Jordan sat down with us and we ate and talked. Things that came up include stopping a beat, saying "awkward", and continuing. Jordan said he was goin to make a song with that in it. David decided he was going to start a beat during future awkward moments. Nice awkwardness diffuser. There was also a long discussion on zombies and for some reason, guns that shot black holes.

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