June 7th, 2011

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Wikiwrimo region directory help!

I'm starting a regional directory for Wikiwrimo as a better way to tell the stories within a region that don't necessarily show up on a region's site. The problem: How on earth do I build it? I've thought of three variations, two of which are quite similar.

1) Main article Region (which doesn't exist yet), subpages leading to a specific NaNo region, like:


The bottom of the article would link to Regions in the US, Canada, etc., leading to the respective subpages.

2) Main article Region with link to List of Regions with subpages leading to a specific NaNo region, like:


The main article would contain links leading to regions in the US, Canada, etc.

Pro of 1 and 2: You can navigate back to the previous subpage easily. The parent subpage is linked at the top of the page.

3) Each region has its own page, so the article would be

Georgia:Atlanta or United States:Georgia:Atlanta

This method would create a directory like the ones above but without the linking advantage created by subpages unless a List of regions page or something similar were created. The hierarchy would be similar to (2) but without subpages.

4) Something else entirely.

Here, have a poll for this.

Poll #1750012 Wikiwrimo region directory help

Which method should I use?

All of them sound good to me
All of them sound confusing to me

What kind of job should I have?