August 31st, 2011


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I have moved in! Almost everything is unpacked except for about half a box in the kitchen, but that can happen as I need those things. I'm not in a huge rush to get it unpacked. However, this could also be a veiled excuse for laziness, so I must be careful, lest the laziness take over the rest of my life.

Besides unpacking, there are a few things of note.

A few of you have already gleaned this from Twitter, but I have applied to be an Atlanta Municipal Liaison this year. For those who have no idea what this is, a Municipal Liaison (ML) is someone who leads the region and its activities. Atlanta already has two with a known third person applying this year, but when the current MLs got wind of my moving back, they asked me to apply. Having four MLs in a region is normally frowned upon, but 1) the Atlanta region is huge, and 2) Sarah the community liaison and former ML of a large region has seen our 15+ page Google Doc and already thinks we're nuts.

Another thing of note in the ML department: all four of us are overachievers. We wrote a collective 931,772 words last November. Writing a collective million is possible. Holy crap. We should do this. I will probably not write my 300,000 again this year, but surely I can do my fair share of 250,000. My goal for this year is 200,000 to write my collective million words over ten years, but if it means getting the four of us to a million words... I vote yes.


Some of you may remember the glove that I couldn't find last time I went camping with David. Sunday night he tweeted at me and asked if I wanted to have an all-day (later revised to all evening) MARTA party. I said it probably wouldn't happen that night since I was still unpacking. It didn't happen, but last night he texted me and said he had my glove and would I like it back?

Of course I wanted it back (and I wanted to see him too, of course). So I told him my address, and he was on his way. Hype and I started sharpening Obviously sticks in the hopes of poking him with them.

He showed up and handed me my glove, and I fixed us some water (a nerdy glass that I sandblasted at the Corning Museum of Glass with Andrew for him, my Schrodinger mug for me--also from Andrew. Huh.) before we sat down in the living room. I squeezed on the small couch next to him, and we discussed why I had moved there in the first place. He got more water and plunked down on the chair across from where I was sitting. We made our way to my room, where he tried to figure out the passcode on my phone because I wouldn't tell him what it was. I pointed out that it should be the easiest thing ever to figure out since he knew me. When he still didn't get it I pointed at my shelf of math books. Three guesses later he was in.

We poked fun of the two Lays who wrote two of my math books and how they couldn't be related because one of them had tiny serifs and the other didn't. I also found out that David is slightly allergic to cat dander when Elmo (my new roommate's cat) entered the room, but he's not so allergic that he was going to start sneezing when Elmo showed up. Good thing too since Elmo had already managed to get all over all my stuff in the short time since I moved in.

He showed me Cut the Rope on Android, which I have not yet played, and then we decided to go out. A few shakes on UrbanSpoon decided on a place for us, and we headed out. After several trips around the bar in search of parking we finally found a parking meter that said nothing about what happened if you parked there after 10pm, so we took a chance.

All that time spent searching for parking meant that the place was closed by the time we found a parking place further away than we had anticipated and walked there. The guys there gave us recs for other places, so we kept walking and wondered if they would have served us drinks if we had asked.

Anyway, we found the place and settled in at the bar. I told David he could educate me on beers, but he suggested the bartender do that. I told the bartender my tastes (nothing bitter, please), and he made a suggestion that I didn't dislike after a sample, so I got it. Some football preseason stuff was on the TV, and we turned to it now and then even though I had no idea what was going on (Vikings, rayerai, and yes, I mentioned you in this). I don't remember a lot of the things we talked about, but at one point I noticed that he had a deck of cards with him and asked him to do a card trick, so he did right there.

We paid for our own drinks. Rather, I went ahead and paid since I had my debit card, and he paid me back for his. But close enough.

I was definitely a little tipsy by the time we left. Not drunk, but I had to watch my step for the first block or two. I told my phone to direct us to my place and noticed that Matt the ML had texted me. I checked it after the GPS was blaring out directions. Matt was trying to get my attention to get me in chat so we could discuss ML stuff. All of us had decided to try Monday, but well, I got my glove back, which led to other shenanigans. From what I heard later, not much got decided anyway. (I also got eaten, probably as an attempt to get my attention.)

He also tried poking me on Twitter, something I didn't notice until we stopped at a gas station. Whoops. Sorry about that.

We got back to my place, and I really had to pee. I peed right before he got there, but the alcohol must have kicked in, for unlocking that door was an exercise in speed for this lady. I dashed into the bathroom as soon as we got upstairs. He was on my bed reading my copy of the Nanoland Chronicles when I returned. I flopped next to him and peeked at the story he was reading, then told him how the chronicles came to be. He tried teaching me a card trick on my floor after that. My mental faculties still weren't quite there, but I did my best anyway. I doubt I could perform it for you now, but I do remember some of the steps.

He left around 12:30 since he had to do things early in the morning. I let him out, we hugged goodbye, and he left.

And that is that. Oh, a few more things. He borrowed the NaNoland Chronicles. I told him to return it in one piece, and he asked why not return it in pieces. Oh you.

And that present for me he had for completing 12.5k by the promised day during Camp NaNo? Apparently I will find out what it is during NaNo, specifically during the MARTA route write-in he's putting together. If it's a Sushi Avenue write-in, well...he knows about #wrimosagainsttheeatingofsushi (even though he is not against the eating of sushi). We did look at Google Maps while he was here, and when we reached Decatur he pointed out Sushi Avenue in passing. Do I get this info out of him or wait? I can be an impatient Sushi when it comes to things I want.

I believe he is going to the JoCo show on Friday, so I'll most likely see him then, if not before. I'll also see magiuspendragon sometime while he's in Atlanta for Dragon*Con. Yay! And sometime over Labor Day weekend, writing a novel's gonna happen. Remind me how this is going to happen.