November 17th, 2011

nanowrimo: in soviet russia

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Hi LJ. I haven't been here in awhile.

1. I hit 130k today and am still going strong. Not as strong as I'd like given that certain people are topping me at the moment, but I'm still going.

2. Since people may want a last chance reminder, here's your last chance reminder for the NOWD fundraiser. I have deadlines up now for things: noon Eastern time tomorrow (Thursday) for the outfit, the 20th for the novel (which is currently going for $100), and for those who care, the time for official NOWD prizes and extra raffle tickets ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time tomorrow (Thursday). I am dangerously close to raising more than Lindsey. As in less than ten bucks dangerously close. And I've raised the same amount as Rachael Herron.

3. What happens when you put a bunch of overachievers in one place? WAY TOO MUCH AWESOME FOR ONE BULLET POINT, THAT'S WHAT. :D That was last weekend, by the way.

4. I leave for San Francisco on Friday. Yaaaaaaaaaay! :D Oh my Baty, I'll be in California. :D