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Two dreams

I have had two dreams in three nights in the same location. Something is going on, even if I have no idea what it is.

Dream the First: Monday Night/Tuesday Morning

I was at Uncle Pat's old house, and I was walking on the ledge that separated the yard from the road. Not for fun, like I used to do--after all, the ledge was about four feet up from what I remember. This ledge led me all the way to a jail on top of a hill behind his house. The officers, one of whom was cleverly disguised as a friend from high school, were walking with me, but not on the ledge. I asked them how many books I could take with me to Azkaban.

"Books?" the non-disguised officer said, laughing. "We don't allow books here."

Then I realized that I'd be in jail during NaNoWriMo. They would let me write, right? I asked them this. "Oh, sure, we'll let you write," they told me. I woke up after this.

Dream the Second: Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning

I was at Uncle Pat's old house again. I was walking toward the pool, which was not in the back as it used to be, but at the side of the house. As I approached the pool, I noticed construction going on next to the pond. Was there a pool there, too? Or was this pool ripped out of that spot?

This pool looked just as I remembered, despite the location, except it was surrounded by trees. I was surprised that sunlight could penetrate it at all thanks to all the branches. I neared the pool, and suddenly Audrey (one of the cousins) ran toward me and jumped into the pool.

"Audrey, you still have pants and shoes on," I said. "Come in the house and we can find your bathing suit."

"Oh, she's fine," Jennifer (her mum) said, looking up from the side of the pool. I wasn't worried a bit about swimming with shoes except that it couldn't be pleasant; I just didn't want all the other kids to follow suit, plus I didn't want to watch all of them because I was conveniently here and unoccupied. They had to be around somewhere. Sure enough, all the kids ran toward me and jumped into the pool fully clothed.

They splashed around and played in the pool. Then Logan found a hammer floating in the water. He picked it up and prepared to throw.

"Don't throw that, Logan," I told him. "It's really heavy, and someone could get hurt." He threw it toward me. I ducked, and it missed by inches.

Then another of the kids (I don't remember which one) found some papers in an envelope floating in the pool. They were miraculously dry.

"Come here and I'll explain to you what insurance people do for a living," I told her. (Random, right? Well, if it's not Logan, it's a girl. We have a ton of them.) But when I actually looked at the papers, they were Agnes financial aid papers. I woke up confused as ever.

Seriously, what?
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