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A difficult decision...

For a long time I've been seeking out my true calling in life, especially that one week when I was considering changing my major from math to something else. Now I think I've found it. Yes, I've found something that can describe the world even more explicitly than numbers can, if that's possible. This leads to my announcement.

Instead of returning to Agnes Scott next to study math and French, I'll be going to Kepler College in Washington state to earn my bachelor's degree in Astrological Studies. I filled out my application in secret in order to avoid being detected; I didn't even talk about transferring. I've already been accepted; I begin my quest for new knowledge this fall.

You might have a few questions. I don't blame you. For example, what happened the Sujin who doubted everything? Don't worry; she's still there. Instead, she has finally been convinced to branch out and explore a little-explored area, one that she would never have dreamed to explore before now.

So, you're wondering, why did I decide to do this?


(Did you really think I was going to leave Agnes? Or leave math? Or French?)

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