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Getting stabbed

No, that has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. It's about fencing.

We started stabbing each other in fencing on Thursday and continued with this today. I'm a wimp at getting stabbed, so every time I see that foil coming my way I want to duck. Instead, I flinch slightly as it hits my body. Pain ensues. I tell myself not to be a wuss and that I'll never be able to take over the world if I can't fence. Then I realize that my logic is failing. Sigh. After that I remind myself to take a PE course that requires no physical coordination whatsoever for my other PE credit (or non-credit, as the case may be).


Dinner in Evans was amazing tonight. Melissa, Liz, and Jayme suddenly remembered that I'm a first-year today in linear algebra [Jayme should know; she's the writing tutor for my FYS!], and they started telling me about the fantabulous Valentine's Day dinner in Evans, warning me to get there early.

They were right. After FYS [before which Jayme told all of us to go straight to Evans], I went back to my room to wake up Shea. It was a good thing I did. She said, "Just five more minutes."

"No, Shea, wake up," I said. "It's Valentine's Day dinner in Evans. According to my sources it's supposed to be excellent." She finally woke up, we stopped by Jessi's room to pick her up, and we went to Evans. Whoa. It was already packed, and we were fifteen minutes early. By five, it was a zoo.

It was worth every minute of waiting, though, even though I did eat more sweets than real food. I must say that my sources are quite reliable. Those chocolate-covered strawberries went pretty quickly.


Oh, and svmadelyn's Valentine Game is up. I see a few familiar names, so click here for the first half of the alphabet (or rather, A through Q). R through Z are in either the next entry or the one before. I got mentioned. Hooray, and thank you, anonymous person!

To Do:
1. French test [tomorrow]
2. Finish FYS reading that I didn't do
3. Start thinking of topic for final FYS paper [I need a topic sometime before spring break]
4. Laundry [again?]
5. The usual math problems
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